Leighton Lawrence


Leighton Lawrence

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Leighton played youth soccer in Jamaica then moved to Florida in 1999 becoming affiliated with Eastwind United Football Club.  Eastwind United Football Club is a 1st division team which was part of Gold Coast Soccer League at that time.  Leighton played at Eastwind United as a central defender for a few years and on occasion as a central defensive midfielder.

Leighton attended Salem International University in Salem, WV in 2004 and was awarded a four year soccer scholarship.  SIU was part of the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Converence (WVIAC) League.  Leighton assisted SIU in becoming WIAC Conference Champions in the 2005 and 2006 seasons.  These championships were the first ever in the schools history.

In 2008 Leighton became a member of Tafari Lions Football Club in Jamaica before moving back to the United States and continuing at Eastwind United Football Club in the Caribbean American Soccer Association League (CASA League).  Tafari Lions is a semi professional team in Jamaica; one level below the premier league.

Leighton joined the Allegheny Force coaching staff last year.