Tatum Gretz and Katelyn Kaufmann get called back to U.S. Training Center Program

AFFC wants to recognize Tatum Gretz for being selected to enter the combine for the U.S. Soccer Training Program.


She was the only player from PAW in the U12 age group to be selected. We also would like to recognize Emily and Abigail Veychek (U12) and Katelyn Kaufmann (U13) for being invited back to the U.S. Soccer Training Center Program. “U.S. Soccer is conducting training sessions in conjunction with local clubs and state associations to identify players with Youth National Team potential. Training Centers (TC) will be conducted by a member of the U.S. Soccer National Team staff. TCs are a new platform designed to improve player identification, player development and coach development. Each TC will be administered by the Academy conference’s Technical Advisor, assisted by Academy coaches and National Team coaches.”
Source; (USSoccer.com)